Okapi is a Fitness companion app that brings you more options for digging into your workout data through data visualization and GIS.
See all the workouts you've recorded with the Fitness watch app.
View your workout details.
See elevation, speed and heart rate data for route based workouts.
See your workout route data on a map and share with your friends.
Drill into your workout route data by highlighting and segment of your path.
Quickly find the workout you're searching for by applying filters.
Theme Okapi to customize your experience.


You may always reach me and message me directly on twitter here: @emilycheroske

If you can't get ahold of me there, try shooting me an email here: Emily Cheroske

Privacy Policy

I take your privacy very seriously. Okapi does not collect any data. I only display workout, heart rate and route data from HealthKit that you grant the app permissions for.